IMBERA ELITE SERIES 37 Cu.Ft. Double Swing Door Refrigeration

  • BMAD Refrigeration System
    Ensures rapid and effective cabinet cool down and maintains consistent temperature range with minimum energy consumption.
  • High Efficiency Glass Door
    Equipped with double panel glass and low-e film to reduce condensation. Door hinge is equipped with a self-closing system to ensure the door closes safely, and returns to original position, without any damages.
  • CFC and HFC Free Cyclopentane Foam
    Eco-friendly, recyclable and high efficiency cabinet insulation.
  • Low Maintenance Condenser
    Imbera’s finless condenser designed to minimize maintenance. Drastically reduces Total Cost of Ownership. Prevents dust that blocks air flow, to save energy and extend the life of the compressor.
  • Electronic Temperature Controller
    Assures the optimal performance of the cooler, delivering product temperature ideal for consumption.
  • LED Lighting System
    Our LED system uses a fraction of the energy of regular fluorescent lights and requires no replacement for up seven years.
  • Electronic Fan Motors
    Enhances performance and efficiency. Uses only a fraction of the energy than industry standard shaded-pole motor requires. Longer lifespan fan motor.

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